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I actually

know something about what babies are hardwired for since I helped my mom study for her master's degree in Child Development. Babies first learn speech by watching the mouth of their first teacher - their mother, usually.

The only thing humans are hardwired for is the natural survival mechanisms built into us from millions of years of evolution. I do believe people are born gay, for example. However, sexual reproduction is tied to species survival. I won't go into my theory of why a person would be born homosexual rather than heterosexual, but I don't think it's because something went "wrong". Homosexuality can be seen in too many other species over far too long a time period for that, but I digress.

I think many behaviors are learned. If there is a tendency to feel comfortable among others that look like you it's because of things learned growing up, like feeling safe in the bosom of one's family. If you have a child raised by apes, that child might feel more comfortable around apes too. This is still deviating from the subject, but I'm bringing all this up to try to show the subject is far from simple cut and dry, black and white, or "hardwired".