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Why sign using UCC 1-207 UD "without prejudice"?

Police officers have become enforcers for the political class instead of peace officers to protect our constitutional rights.

Traffic and Civil laws are statutory "rules" that do not apply to free Americans UNLESS they surrender their rights or if they do not claim them. A Traffic citation is a Bill of Attainder. Article I Section 9 of the constitution specifically states "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed" but since most of the cops are clueless, its less confrontational to just accept whatever tickets or documents they want to serve you so you can politely be free to go. (Signing UCC 1-207 UD "without prejudice" of course)

Also, if you give a cop your DL, unless you also hand him a letter indicating that when you originally signed for the DL that you did not know by signing it you were waiving several of your constitutional rights, just the act of handing the officer your DL is used as proof that you agree to the terms of the original DL contract. A contract is fraudulent and void if deception was used by either party. No American I'm aware of has ever been told by the DMV that signing their DL waives several of their constitutional rights AND is also used to unknowingly enter them into a UCC statatory contract between themselves and the State in which they agree to follow whatever rules and regulations the State decides they must follow.

Since a DL is now required to cash checks, sell things, and to pick up prescriptions(among other things), not agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract and declining a DL is impractable.

That puts DL contracts into a catagory of contracts called "Adhesion Contracts". Adhesion contracts are contracts that you are essentially forced into signing because without signing them you are unable to earn a living and/or are automatically precluded from some common benefit.

Without Prejudice UCC 1-207, above or beside your signature, on an instrument will represent the following: (UD stands for "Under Duress")

Not a promise to appear and vitiates perjury.

Enforces the Right to contract and the right to compromise an unconscionable contract.

Reserves all applicable Bill of Rights and Article III judicial Power.

"Criminal intent" must be brought forward to proceed.

Separation of Powers.

All Constitutional terms dealing with contracts, judicial and taxes.

Reserves "personam" jurisdictional issues.

Activating clause for police power at "probable cause."