Comment: "But, you typed words into my comment. I never said bossy,

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"But, you typed words into my comment. I never said bossy,

I said bold."

Absolutely you did. I remember it very well. :)

"The point I was trying to make with that comment is that everyone around here comes on strong like a lion and I bet they are lambs in the real world where it is harder to be as lionesque as they portray."

Surely, you're not directing that towards me? :)

I am much more talkative here than I am offline but only because people don't like to speak about the things I like to talk about. One, being my thoughts on Liberty, by way of politics. I get to do that here and any one of my "friends" and I'm sure many of my customers can attest to that. Of which I have lost many of the latter because I come on strong and I don't care who dislikes it.

You could ask my family, especially my mother and she'd tell you I give her headaches. :)

I am the black"sheep" of the family because of my unwillingness to keep quiet when there is something I see wrong or something that doesn't sit well with me.

I don't look at any of that as making me special.. in fact it has caused me a lot of trouble over my life but as the first time I refused to keep quiet as a child, I will never do so till I die, literally.. That will be a time when I won't have any control over it. Nobody on earth will hear a peep put of me then.

"Oh, no I'm not done... you and Julie wouldn't work because she might be a fed :) I think I am done now."

That's always a thought in the back of my head as a possibility for everyone. :)

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