Comment: the dude was a Grand Wizard of the KKK

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the dude was a Grand Wizard of the KKK

You just took my opinion of people taking him seriously and ignored the rest of my comment. Just like the MSM prostitutes. No one is going to take an X KKK grand wizard seriously , especially when it comes to issues that some would consider a race issue seriously. There needs to be someone else, perhaps a person in with a less controversial background bringing up these points in public forums. I never once said I disagreed with the points he made in this video. Get a grip. Stop being the idiot in the room that causes pushes others away from an open discussion because. Keep calling people here Zionists messengers and no one will want to take you seriously either.....dumb @ss. Not everyone who disagrees or has a difference of opinion is a Zionist devil out to eat your children. Talk about weak minded. Look in the mirror hypocrite