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Comment: Not even close to true.

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Not even close to true.

The Rothschild Crime counterfit central bank has been kicked out a number of times already, so if we could end the Fed Reserve bank and that mafia family would stop enslaving and genociding humaity it would have occured when they were kicked out before.

To end a shill corp like the Fed Reserve or the Federal USA corp would stop or even slow a six hundred year multi generational mafia gang that has aquired about all of the wealth of the planet and has enslaved humanity is a joke. They are intentionally collapsing the central bank there will always be enough hogs that run to the Rothschild pig trough to perpetuate there crimes. So I think only when enough people see them for what they are and Disengage from anything to do with them, isolating them into oblivion and i think it will be sooner than later.