Comment: Hogwash

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There has been an ongoing battle of ideas, ethic and philosophy, between Individualism & Collectivism, which Collectivism has largely won.

The real awakened 'liberty-movement' is too small and far too slowly growing to stay ahead of the accelerating curve, despite the wishes, feelings and fervent desires of the larger 'hopeful' membership.

Factually, we are amongst the most carefully controlled and managed people on earth and most don not even know it.

The real war hasn't even begun yet.

It awaits an unlikely broad-awakening to this battle between ethic & philosophy and of individuals subsequently and necessarily drawing an unbending line-in-the-sand and subsequently pushing-back with necessary force, likely of arms.

Working hard to avoid it, but people had damn-well better wake up to the very real likelihood and prepare in earnest for its coming.

As I see it.