Comment: No on bigfoot, yes to agenda 21

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No on bigfoot, yes to agenda 21

Here we have a desperate attempt to bestow human rights onto animals.

I don't care about an animals liberty and neither do you. You don't care (or even notice) when one ant eats another so why pretend that you care about Bigfoot? Is it because you see yourself as a soulless animal and want people to care about your liberty?

If you watch for it, you'll see all kinds of propaganda selling this same agenda.

Did you catch "the body found" on the discovery channel? It was an hour long fantasy where this channel supposedly based on science tried to make the case that mermaids exist so we should respect their sovereign territory.

This Bigfoot nonsense is using the same method and just another offshoot of agenda 21 where a pseudo-scientist tries to bestow human rights onto animals. These people are genocidal mass murderers and liars who give human life less than no value. They even go as far as to declare human life "a disease destroying mother earth". Once you understand that you'll understand what they mean when they say "let's heal the world". They mean "let's kill off these worthless feeders".