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One would think with all the

One would think with all the success Obama had when he was working with ACORN/Project vote in Chicago he would not need a committee of this type. It is hard to get dead people to vote. He has felons,illegal immigrants,gays,lesbians,transsexuals,those who favor abortions,same sex marriage, as well as the majority of blacks and women so what is he worried about? Weather it is because of the Cloward-Piven Strategy or Saul Alinsky's book,RULES for RADICALS which happens to be Obama's play book,he uis changing America.In his book,RULES for RADICALS,Alinsky often spoke of change and how to accomplish it.Karl Marx's dream and Norman Thomas prediction of a Socialist United States is coming true.Thomas was the former editor of the leftist magazine,The Nation, and six time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America who said,"The American people will never knowingly accept socialism.But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation,without knowing how it happened." Sam Webb,in a major speech at CPUSA's National Convention focused on Obama titled,"A Springtime of Possibility" Communist Party USA chief Sam Webb declared with the election of Barack Obama the US is 'on the road to socialism.he also said Obama is a friend of the CPUSA. He referred to Novembers election as a rout of the right-wing extremism,a reaffirmation of the decency of our country and people,a leap forward on freedom road and a people's mandate for change.Most Americans don't seem to know about Colonel Edward Mandel House and the part his book,Philip Dru,Administrator played in the United states adopting socialist policies as early as 1913. the blueprint followedby Wilson,FDR and their administration and every Democratic president ever since right up to Obama.Norman Thomas ended his speech with,"The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: democrats have accepted some ideas of socialism cheerfully while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly."

Bob Marshall