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Comment: When God Is Enough

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When God Is Enough

God is enough when belief is based on sound teaching. The apostle Paul (not Ron or Rand) predicted the coming apostasy (false teaching) in the Christian church. One example is Joel Osteen who suggests that one can expect health and wealth if they practice Biblical principles. This contradicts the experience of Christ and his disciples, who were persecuted, tortured, and often executed for practicing Biblical principles.

The world is no less dangerous today than it was when Christ walked the earth. But unlike Christ, who boldly called corrpt leaders hypocrites and a "generation of vipers", most Western churches teach their members to go along with corrupt gov't leaders. So there is little need to persecute Western Christians, many of whom passively watch the world go to hell while waiting to be raptured. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an exception, and as a result, he was persecuted and murdered just like many of the 1st century Christians. And if not for the tireless work of Christian abolitionists, legal slavery in America would've lasted much longer than it did. I think preachers like Joel Osteen would've been on the side of slave holders, not abolitionists.

In Communist China, Christians are arrested, tortured and imprisoned just for showing up in public to worship. The link below is to a Congressional hearing where Chinese Christian wives testified about the torture and imprisonment of their husbands. Chinese pastor Bob Fu also testified and called on Obama to "stand with the persecuted, not the persecutors." They cited Dr. King and the "faint voices against slavery before the Civil War that eventually led to a full awakening of the forces of justice."

Most of America's founders believed in a Creator/God and they too felt the full weight of Satanic powers that currently rule the world. The founders understood the dark powers they were up against and ended the Declaration of Independence with these words: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." They understood the price of freedom, and it was the very same price described by Jesus Christ.

God is enough when Christians keep life in perspective, i.e., Christ overcame the world and our time on earth is like a vapor, here one moment and gone the next. So put on the full armour of the Gospel, and like Christ and his disciples, speak out against the Satanic powers that control the world's governments, it's our duty even if it seems hopeless. Taking a stand for God's Kingdom on earth requires the willingness to sacrafice all, and yet, profound joy can be found in the midst of persecution. Praise God! (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)