Comment: We got into this a year ago on a FB group

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We got into this a year ago on a FB group

My contention was that in 1913, it was illegal at the federal level and in a majority of states for any contract to have a duration of more than 99 years. Therefore, the 99 year FR charter should have ended on 12-23-12, but since that was a Sunday, it would have ended on 12-21-12 or the famous Mayan date.

The group had a number of member research it and the consensus (sorry but I don't have the sources anymore) was that in 1933, their charter was ending and FDR and/or Congress made it an unending or open ended charter.

I was rather bummed because I had laid out this elaborate prediction that RP voters would have a massive legal battle going on all the election fraud which would take a week to organize, a month to settle and a week to rally the national protests. This meant that on that day, we would have massive protests for that, massive protests to stop any secret re-chartering of the FR and together, they would cause the dollar to drop. As you might guess, this, I claimed, might set off the food and oil shortages that we've been 3 days removed from and all of it would break loose.

Yeah, I'm still a little bummed out.