Comment: (lol) No, I don't think non-human primates...

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(lol) No, I don't think non-human primates...

...(nor any other non-human animals) should be afforded any of the rights of human beings. When the Sasquatch figures out how to farm, let me know. LOL

Anyway, I have a Sasquatch story. One time I was walking through the woods with some friends, it had just turned dark, and we started hearing this noise - couldn't figure out what it was at first. We were walking on a trail next to a large stream and we realized the sound was rocks falling into the water. This happened over and over again, dozens of times, and there was no overhanging cliff or anything like that over the water, so it seemed a bit odd - where the hell were these rocks coming from? Then, as we continued on our way, we started seeing rocks flying past our heads and across our path!

Now, if you didn't know, deer don't throw rocks. LOL. So what the hell was throwing rocks at us? You need HANDS to throw rocks. Could it have been people? Yes, that's possible, but it seems odd that people would have been hiding in the woods off the trail throwing rocks at us for half an hour - what would be the point? Moreover, even though these rocks were flying dangerously close to us, none of us ever got hit even once. That's quite an aim! And recall it was dark out, in the woods, so pitch black. Human beings don't have very good night vision, so were these people wearing night vision goggles or what?! Rock throwing, by the way, is a common behavior among primates such as chimpanzees. They use it to scare off other animals that are encroaching on their territory.

This occurred in woodlands in the Eastern US.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."