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Comment: I can understand Dr. Paul~~

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I can understand Dr. Paul~~

He wants the website, BECAUSE it's HIS name, and it isn't just any Ron Paul, and we all know this.

But, the argument is that the website benefits due to using a famous "personality" named Dr. Ron Paul, coupled with the problem that Dr. Paul doesn't have any control over its content or how it's run. It's not that they did anything wrong. They didn't. Dr. Paul could say the same thing about Daily, because of the advertisement and benefit to Michael Nystrom. It's similar, since we all know who this website is talking about. And, that isn't just any old "Ron Paul".

But, I just wish and hope Dr. Paul will go ahead and just take the website
Liberty FOR FREE, as a new path forward towards our mutual goals of "liberty".

Otherwise, it sounds like the only way they can resolve this issue is for the RP website people to come up with an accurate estimate of the costs involved in developing and managing the website, plus the losses of some of their future revenue (which may not be all that much). Then, they can approach Dr. Paul with a figure that will be reasonable. I understand they wouldn't want to just give it away. I'm sure Michael Nystrom wouldn't want to do that either, if Dr. Paul wanted this website, you know?