Comment: Did I Miss Something? Seemed to Me

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Did I Miss Something? Seemed to Me

like a race rant attacking Ron Paul for not wanting to support the welfare queens from now on until the end of time. Poor poor black folk NEED the extra gov'ment help and iffin yo don't like it, yo is racist Mista Paul. WHY do SO many black people CONSTANTLY have to be about RACE? Rev. Manning and Thomas Sowell and our fun buddy TMOT would have had a lot to say in this interview! Call me racist for this post I really don't care. I am SICK of having to be "politically correct" or be labeled some stupid label made up by the puppet masters in order to divide us! The people that scream the loudest about racism are the MOST racist of all! Ron Paul was trying to explain that people should be treated equally according to the INDIVIDUAL and their ACTIONS and all those two jerks heard was "we need to cut funding for blacks because libertarians hate blacks" GIVE ME A BREAK! Why is everyone here acting like it was so great?