Comment: Astonishing when you think about ...

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Astonishing when you think about ...

... the United States Supreme Court is considering a case that shows that Obama used fraud to get on the ballot in California (and every state), making his electoral votes invalid, making him NOT the President of the United States.

And the "mainstream" media's collective reaction ... "Nah, that's not a story worth showing the people." Talk about a controlled media! The most historic legal case of our lifetimes, and they just can't find the time to run the story.

In addition, Orly is claiming that she originally applied for the SCOTUS to review the case by submitting it to Justice Kennedy. She was told that he declined, so she re-submitted to Roberts, who put it on the calendar for conference.

When Orly requested proof in writing that Kennedy had declined it, she was told to pound sand. Furthermore, she had another case a few years ago that was "turned down by SCOTUS," but NOTHING in writing. She happened to find Scalia at a book signing and talked with him about it ... and HE HAD NO IDEA THAT CASE EXISTED, EVEN THOUGH HE SUPPOSEDLY REVIEWED IT AND SIGN A STATEMENT DENYING CERT."

She says there are four black Supreme Court clerks who are REMOVING Obama cases from the SCOTUS docket and "denying" cert but they are really doing it themselves and HIDING these cases from the justices.

And in other news, Jerome Corsi is making the allegation that the reason Obama has appointed John Brennan to CIA is payback for Brennan being the guy responsible for altering passport records within the State Department back in 2008.

But ...

None of this, of course, is worthy of media attention, especially when we got a cruise ship that went without power for FIVE WHOLE DAYS !!! OMG !!!