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very commonly reported. Apparently sometimes their aim is off or else they're truly pissed. One guy reports being struck by a heavy chunk of branch that was flung his way. He was hurting. I don't know of any reports in which someone said they saw a Sasquatch throw a rock but I knew one man who claimed he met one on the trail at dusk and it extended its arm to the side and dropped a rock it had been carrying, He said he though it was a peace gesture so he reached down, picked up a rock, and did the same thing. The creature left and the man collected its several-pound rock and photographed it.

Some have recorded sounds very much like speech mixed in with snarls and raucous growls in areas that have had recent Sasquatch reports.

If finally proven to exist I suspect they will considerably blur the line we have drawn between man and animal.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.