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This is what I know

The Church has taken a NO TOLERATION stand.

Go to any Catholic Church and accuse the preist.. have it in writing, send a copy to the paper, and the preist can lose his job, just for being questioned.

Make your claim. The Church accepts ALL claims of abuse and will act on them.

ALL employees, preist, deacons, nuns, secretarys, andyone working with children MUST BE REGISTERED with the police and sheriff.

These messages are on many programs for Sunday mass.

Everyone at ALL Catholic Churches is happy about NO TOLERENCE RULES.

We don't even want to wait for a guilty charge from the state unless the amount being asked is beyond the ability of the Church to pay. The perpetrator will lose their job, and not be hired or transfered to another Church.

I know of NO Church that has adopted such stringent and fast rules.

Do you?

When I was 15, I ran away from home and attended many Christian Churches that had more than their fair share of letches and pervs.. just because they don't make headlines news National or International, does not mean it is not happening.. and the same goes for any organization, school business working with Children.

Children are precious to the catholic Church. We have sinned, we are sorry, we have paid victims, many who remain with the Church, and we have adopted policies and rules to correct what was VERY VERY WRONG, infiltrator or immoral preist.