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3 lessons

1) Never grab for a gutter while falling off a roof. Any half witted rooffer will tell you that. But human nature will have you grabbing something that will lacerate your finger.

2) If someone hits you up for pain meds? Shoot them "accidentally" with a nail gun and they can go to the doc.

3) (I have short term memory loss from too many concussions so I already forgot) In any case your story may be an allegory IMHO. So lessons 1 & 2 may be useless.

Anyone worth their salt will tie off a ladder, only idiots and those falling off of a roof will grab a gutter - saw it myself - firsthand - half his finger got ripped off, and people hitting you up for pain pills, say sure, these are the kill, and give them a laxative. Or shoot them on accident with the nail gun.

Hopefully they take three at once. Honestly I can't remember #3. Take it from someone who has had numerous injuries, especially those to the dome, it will screw you up. Last CT scan I had my doc said no more concussions (thanks for spell check), and I've had two since then.

Always tie off a ladder. #1 rule. #2 rule - never grab a gutter. Rule #3 never take off an existing roof. Leave that to idiots who will fall off and grab the gutter. Rule #4 - never hot mop. Only an idiot would do that. Luckily the one time I could do it I got bit by a necro spider and had 10 ft of gauze in my ankle. I was the lucky guy to feed the cylinders into the machine.