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AIDS in Africa is largely a Myth

AIDS in Africa is way over-hyped. In fact, most so called AIDS patients in Africa are actually HIV negative. Three major medical journal articles documented this fact in the 90s.

The HIV rates are all based on estimates that come from extrapolations of test results from antenatal clinics to the rest of the population in each African nation. Pregnancy is a known cause of false positive results. Africans, the ones who are actually ill, are dying from the same old diseases they have always died from. Poverty, malnutrition, poor hygiene, and in more recent years, Western diets, undiagnosed diabetes, and pharmaceutical abuse. And of course the very meds touted as life savers are toxic for long term use. Often, toxicity arises with only short term use.

The population of South Africa is still increasing. Where are all the dead or sick South Africans? Do your own research. See for yourself. Even Rolling Stone had an article exposing this, about ten years ago. But there is way too much money invested in "the plague."