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Comment: IF you encourage people...especially children

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IF you encourage people...especially children

to hold 2 opposing viewpoints at the same time...that's the agressiveness he is talking about. Remember in the podcast when he told the story of the parent saying to their child, eat your food. No don't eat your food. Eat your food. NO. Don't eat your food. The child would look at their parent wondering what he or she was expected to do.

When you promote logic and reason in ALL areas's of your life EXCEPT for creates an unresolvable conflict for the muscle in our heads we call a brain. This is especially damaging for the very young while they are still learning and their brain is still forming. I figured out Santa Claus was not real around age 7(and this was confirmed to me by my parents when I questioned the logical impossibilities) but then the very next Sunday I was hauled off to church and expected to believe that something even MORE fantastic than Santa Claus (The exsistence of an all knowing all powerful yet invisable being called God) was still a valid proposition?

This confused me for years. FOR ME, letting go of God stopped my mind from fighting to connect with something that just never, ever happened. I spent years essentially brainwashing myself into believing that if I just kept trying eventually I'd be born again or saved. I got tired of faking it. It was a huge relief for me when I accepted the reality of the world I live in.

I don't pretend to know how I got here, why I'm here, or what happens after I die. All I know is its "whats next". My morals and my behaviors come from treating others how I want to be treated and knowing what is right and what is wrong. They never came from the fear of burning in eternal hell.

I honestly treat people with more love and respect now than I did when I attended church regularly. I was never a mean or dishonest person but if I did something I knew I shouldn't I would just "confess and give it to God" and be done with it. I now am much more personally responsible for my actions.

But, again, thats just me. I do understand how difficult it is to let go of God. My wife and I were VERY uncomfortable for 6 months after we became non-believers. We knew if we were wrong the stakes could not be higher...but ultimatly I put my trust in my ability to think and make rational decisons...and at anytime during those first 6 months...God could have made himself known to me if he exsisted. In fact if God ever pops into my car when I'm driving alone on the interstate and shows himself to exsist...I'll spread the message high and low. But considering ALL the evidence against such a being exsisting...I'm not holding my breath. lol.