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Comment: What a low wattage patent attoney! Sad!

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What a low wattage patent attoney! Sad!

If this fellow is really an attorney, I would never use him! He sounds like one of the libertarians disgruntled over Ron Paul not running third party!

As far as his explanation of this case, he is far afield and way off base. One wonders if he read the case! Ron Paul is not taking anyone's property. He is retrieving his own property! The contracts to which every internet domain user agrees, include the meaning of what is domain ownership and when you no longer own! End of mystery!

This is mostly hot air in no small part thanks to the host with an agenda!

Enough already with the, 'all government is evil, Ron Paul uses government, therefore Ron Paul is bad and should loose this case', mantra!

This host and his methods seem to be doing as much to split the freedom movement, which should be bringing people together, as the other Faux/CanCan News are doing to destroy Paul!