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I also remember

that back then, men were men - and sheep were scared(sorry couldn't help it).

What I mean is America as a whole has been dumbed-down and has lost its intelligence by tv and the school system, and has lost its "balls" due to fluoridation, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. I highly doubt that men and women back in the Colonial days would've put up with half of the shit that sheep put up with today. Back in the 60's, AT LEAST we had mass demonstrations. Who does that now? Europe, Asia, and South America.

Why are we not in the streets? Why HAVEN'T we been out in the streets? Is it because we're so civilized and that considered "hippie" and unlawful behavior? Or could it be because we're to busy as a nation believing the msm propaganda BS that tells us that the economy is going up, jobs are being created, and troops are leaving the Middle East? Wait, let me get back to you, SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT JUST HAPPENED TO A KARDASHIAN. I THINK SHE BROKE A NAIL! See my point?

Have you seen the low turnouts at the pro-gun rallies at the nation's capitols lately. What kind of message does this low turn out send to politicians? Never mind that it wouldn't have received any msm coverage anyway. Remember the troop march in DC? While it was touching, it was ONLY 300 strong. Where were all the vets and families?

Back in colonial days, regardless if it was "ONLY" an irate minority third of the population that pushed for revolution, it was a STRONG, LOUD, THIRD of the population. What are we, like 10-15 million strong(hopefully)? Far from a third of the population. How many people actually voted for oBUMa? How many voted for his white counter-part? Too many IDIOTS chanting "oBUMa" and "USA". Sure our movement may be growing, but I don't think it's grown fast enough and I think people will finally take a stand when the thugs start ramping up their searches and seizures and start gun confiscation. It should have never have gotten as far as it already has.

Americans are too disobedient by nature, and if they do DARE attempt to take away the internet, people ACROSS the political spectrum...will be outraged and probably everyone will take it to the streets at that point.
I think it's also fair to say that the American Revolutionists wouldn't have stood for the Patriot Act to begin with. How much more America? When will ENOUGH be ENOUGH?

Also remember that while they may not have had the internet, they didn't necessarily HAVE TO RELY on it. Back then, 99.9% of the msm wasn't owned by the same 3 corporations. The same can be said about journalistic integrity. There were many "Ben Swanns" - REAL journalists that weren't teleprompter reading actors who were bought and paid for. It was also a young country where people also actively took part in politics and education was at the highest.

Americans may be disobedient, but it's done a wonderful job of creating pussies as well. Many talk the talk. And still many don't EVEN do that(protests) anymore (too afraid of what others may think). Different times my friend.

I'm all for peaceful and disobedient protest, but when your talking to a brick wall that our government has become(THAT WE'VE ALLOWED IT TO BECOME), and you can't offer those in power what others can(money), - we're screwed and I'm sorry to say, but the SHTF before we see any REAL change. I'm disillusioned to say the least specially with voters that keep electing these A55HOLES.