Comment: I got that same inkling when...

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I got that same inkling when...

I got that same inkling when I found an article by Representative Ron Paul at back in 2002.

Raimondo, Garris, Horton and others had already been busy denouncing the unConstitutional Wars in Bosnia and environs for several years. Their efforts in these info wars is second to none.

Please Support their efforts. No one knows when the next surfer in frustration will type into their browser and realize that they are not alone in their hatred for the killing and destruction of modern war.

By 2007 I was plowing through Rothbard and all the great lectures at As an engineer I could not understand how men could use an elastic measuring stick ($FRN) to build an efficient economy. Simple. It can't be done.

In January 2008 I became a County Delegate and attended the MI State 2008 GOP Convention.

Since then I have regularly visited Daily Paul where free men and women gather to comment, debate and rant and rave for liberties lost and liberty found.

When the War with Afghanistan commenced on false accusations I had little hope for the new millennium.

But here among some of the most amazing liberty minded individuals I find solace.

It is not whether we agree or disagree, but because we care enough to share our thoughts and agendas in the open.

The price of liberty for us and our children is eternal vigilance.

Thank you one and all.

Free includes debt-free!