Comment: Let me throw a few questions

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Let me throw a few questions

Let me throw a few questions at ya, tamckissick.

As you mention the difference between this new network and Reddit, let's look at a few more.

How is this different from Wikipedia? DP? Google?

Google spends billions on filtering out fraudulent rankings. It lacks the ability to sort websites by age, but they do give extra weight to freshness. Because of their high degree of development, it's very difficult and usually short lived to game the system. Many of us have chosen "white hat" techniques over cheating for longer term results, but it takes more experience, research and skill to go this way. A replacement for the MSM would require an equally complex weighting system.

Wikipedia provides the cross referencing you describe, but doesn't allow at all for freshness. Users are strongly encouraged to provide linked sources for everything. It allows all users to edit all articles, which can create some chaos until it settles out. Also, it seems some subjects are mysteriously censored at times. Compare information on Valerie Jarrett on both Wikipedia and Google.

And what about Daily Paul? The hyper interactivity of the DP is one reason it's grown to over 10.3 million pages. Another factor to its vibrancy is the limited and focused subject matter, which IMO will suffer somewhat from its morphing from a Ron Paul site (easily defined) to a liberty site (loosely defined). I'm not sure a kitchen-sink site would enjoy the same popularity, ironically, due to infighting.

tamckissick, how would your project primarily differ from the Daily Paul?

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