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Comment: We as a family sent this...

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We as a family sent this...

...into the State House to all of these critters.

To the honorable Representatives of the Great State of Colorado,

Today our large family of native Coloradoans are very talkative at the dinner table. We are all talking about you representatives doing something we are all very adamantly against. We are very upset that you are attempting to do anything to infringe upon the 2nd amendment and the basic law of the lands at all.

We read in the newspapers how you are trying to pass gun bills and limitations that will eventually be more damaging and cause more suffering than doing any good at all. The harm you plan to do against we the native people of Colorado by telling us and our ancestors who died so we could be free to protect ourselves in any way we might need to is wrong and an act against us, the Colorado Native Peoples.

Our family has been in this state for six generations and we will not ever be anything but good and righteous people. We have long documented histories in this state for the heroic and pioneering adventures from the early history of Colorado. Many of our ancestors have died for this State and this country.

Please try to understand this. We live in rural country where we have very large bears and other animals to defend the herds and smaller animals against. Last year, there was one big black bear that tore down many of our ancestral fruit trees, and chased horses in the night. We have these bears that come into the neighborhoods where our children are at. Let me ask you representative, if God forbid some large animal was going to attack your child, or any child, and you were there with the proper tools to protect them, would you want 10, rounds, or 30 to absolutely be sure you could stop the attack on the child to save a life? If your own life was at stake and suddenly had to defend yourself, or even your family from an attacker or more, would you want ten, or even more of an ability to protect yourself and others with?

Those are just a few hypothetical examples of what can happen in the rural regions. We value the freedom to protect ourselves and or our property from any assault on our God given tribal states rights. Our very large family believes they should not ever be infringed on in any kind of way.

We therefore have all decided this and are taking it to the tribal councils as well as the local residents in the areas where you live. Many of us have never really ever gotten involved in these political things other than to vote for you, but if you continue to persist in infringing on our Native Rights, as well as our American and State Constitutional rights, we will brand you as traitors to this land, and our Country’s Basic Laws. We will label you as enemies of the Colorado State Natives and begin right away after you attempt to implement any kind of restrictive gun laws in Colorado RECALL petitions for an immediate vote to oust you and any other anti-constitutional and anti-American representatives that intend to do such a horrible thing.

We are a peaceful people. We therefore beg you to not harm us in our countryside from your city towers in any way. If you want restrictive gun and magazine controls, do it in your own cities. DO NOT attempt to do such things in our lands, which by the way is the entire state of Colorado the way we see it. We are talking about two different worlds. Out here there is need for any kind of protection we can have and everyone has a right to have that. You may not need that in the big cities so please, we all once again say this to you dear representatives: PLEASE DO NOT INFRINGE UPON OUR NATIVE RIGHTS!

Colorado Natives Club

CC: All state representatives and local press outlets.

Bcc: All Major media.