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Comment: Great Video!!!

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Great Video!!!

This video did a great job of covering a big segment of time, but I was disappointed that it didn't include all the deception/manipulation that occurred at the RNC in Tampa, Fl. Don't get me wrong, this video is one of the best videos I can use to show other people what happened while they were watching American Idol etc, but there's just a little bit left out right before Dr. Paul's speech that should include a quick reference to:

  • How the yea vs. nay was scripted (the same crap Fox pointed out about the DNC)
  • Maine's delegates being unseated while every other state that had more than 50% pro-Paul supporters had their delegates replaced/manipulated to get a little less than 50% pro-Paul supporters (Maine we won't forget that you were the only ones with the balls to stand up and not make a deal..."As goes Maine, so goes the Nation!")
  • How we organized a silent march to the convention and held a press conference with hundreds of Ron Paul delegates/alternate delegates displaying our numbers, which was completely ignored by the media despite the large number of reporters covering the event.
  • How the security at the convention systematically removed all signs and show of support for Ron Paul at checkpoints while allowing Romney signs to be hauled in in bulk.
  • How the states were organized on the floor at the RNC specifically to minimize any possible disruption the pro-Ron Paul states could make...which worked exactly as planned when California drowned out Texas' and others' chants of "Point of order" with "USA" following the rules change.
  • There are a number of other things that could be added, but these are just off the top of my head. Regardless, thanks for the awesome post. I love watching videos that on occasion give me goose-bumps and on others bring a tear to my eye; I don't know if anyone will ever match Dr. Paul's ability to question Congress in such a prophetic way (last 5 minutes).