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You can't imagine how much joy it brought me to read your post because I see at least one other person actually truly gets it.

What protection do we have within their rules? None. And if there is they can just change them by simply sticking a gun in your face.

I don't know when but I'm certain that freedom, actual freedom, will not be achieved until all people who desire it will understand that it is they themselves who will have to fight for it and defend themselves against any aggressors with what ever means necessary.

The first step in this process will be civil disobedience, simply stop complying with rules you do not agree with. Second, when the goons come to try and use violence to force you to obey their rules you don't agree with defend yourself no matter what.

If any of you think this is pointless well then there's no way you'll ever experience freedom. It just can't happen.

BTW the smart way to do this right now is to stop complying with their economical and financial rules and start using Bitcoin, starve them off money. That's how I'm fighting for my freedom.