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Comment: Yes, I've heard of it.

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Yes, I've heard of it.

I believe there are chinese exercises which are similar as well. I have some sensitivity to bright light so I never practiced it much.

Like you, I'm skeptical of the claims of people not eating. However, I know that people who practice tai chi or qigong don't have to eat as much. The digestion improves so you get more from what you eat. The body also more efficiently utilizes what we eat so we need to consume less. Another possible factor is that the body's structure may not break down as fast because its cells have a greater resiliency(possibly, in part, due to charge) making them more resistant to decay or breakdown. So it wouldn't require the same number of replacement parts. Some of this is speculation on my part.

Our body gets energy from the food we eat, the sun, the air, and our surroundings. It seems reasonable to me that if we get more of one form of energy than we may need less of the other-- although there are basic material requirements that need to be met.

One thing to keep in mind is that it's possible to overcharge the body and damage it. Some people who practice qigong run into this problem. Also, many people may not have the right balance of nutrients in our body and operational biochemical pathways to fully utilize the sun's energy. Dr. Stephanie Seneff mentioned in her interview with Dr. Mercola that sulfur may play an important role in the transfer of energy throughout the body-- perhaps in the actual storage of energy as well.