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Comment: 110 samples from 14 states, 2 provinces

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110 samples from 14 states, 2 provinces

She was approached by field researchers. There are groups that investigate Bigfoot/Sasquatch sighting reports all over the US and Canada. Back when I was involved there were only a couple dozen of us. They now patrol areas with FLIR cameras, game trail cameras, set out bait stations, dress in gillie suits and use tree-knocking, call-blasting, ape pheromones, and other methods trying to lure them in.

There are hoaxes of course. Every so often someone claims to have shot and killed one but the real corpus dilicti never seems to make a public appearance. Several have proved to be stuffed Bigfoot costumes. One such cadaver is allegedly now in possession of a reputable film company but we are still waiting and not exactly holding our breaths. There are even hoax hoaxes. I don't know how many people have now claimed to have hoaxed the famous 1967 Roger Patterson film of a female Bigfoot.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.