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Comment: I'm All For Preserving Wildlands

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I'm All For Preserving Wildlands

and having lived in Dallas I saw firsthand what urban sprawl and mindless expansion did to the environment BUT my problem with the agenda 21 BS is that THE VERY PEOPLE that claim to want to save the world are THE VERY PEOPLE that have set up the paradigm that is DESTROYING it! THEY are the corporate rats that keep us using fossil fuels, THEY are the same rats that have caused oceans of houses to be built everywhere that never should have been built, THEY are the ones that ruin every small town's character with their endless miles and miles of businesses that make each town look exactly like the others and cause the mom and pop businesses to close down. THEY are the ones that destroy the water with their drugs and factories and dams and sucking the fresh water out of the ground to sell in plastic bottles, I won't even start about Monsanto and farming! Oh, I could go on and on.