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Well, after having my virginity raped away and my mother telling me I was a lying slut and being sent to live with my brother, I dropped out of school and married my husband. I got my GED and then went back to college and graduated valedictorian. I went on to run the largest eye clinic in Idaho and became in international continuing education instructor... Oh, wait, you don't really care what I have done with my life, do you? You are just on a tear lately.
Let me explain how the intertubes work for you... When you post something, it stays up there. I posted my list of questions twice. They remain unanswered, and they will be there next week and the next week... In a couple months you can pull this post up again and get mad all over because now it is MONTHS later and my post is still there...
This man is a puppet. I spent an hour listening to the man on Hannity yesterday, and still, no answers.
This man is being shoved down ours throats. If you are so desperate for a leader, follow him, I don't care. Why you are so angry at me about it is ... well, your problem, not mine.
And just so you understand, I love the DP, as a whole, whiners, wankers, thinkers and stinkers. You are all "my friend" at a certain level, but there is really only one person here who knows me. That person is truly my friend and if he stopped being my friend, that would make me sad.
You have been an emotional wreck the last few days, if it makes you feel better to "unfriend" me go nuts, but you really need to understand it has no effect on me at all.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.