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Comment: Thanks for sharing your story.

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Thanks for sharing your story.

I lost a friend to Paxil. It is sad, she started that drug, had a HUGE personality change that everyone just blamed on her. She turned into a sicko- trying to have sex with anything that was not nailed down, including my husband and children. Yeah, she was hitting on my teenage son AND daughter.
I don't know how long it lasted, I have never tried to figure out how much of my life I lost. The whole time I was suicidal I did not feel like having sex - imagine that. Then I stopped them too fast and went bat-shit crazy for a LONG time, no sex drive then either.
And now I am back to that place of thanking my Creator for my husband, who stuck with me through all that. Everyone, including the shrinks and my family, was telling him to divorce me.
Good luck with the weight loss. I battled mywieght for decades,trying this diet and that, with limited success at best. One day, I decided to cut out "white food" and the pounds started to melt off. Now, I also had my SSRI reaction right after that, which sent my adrenaline function into orbit... Soon I was thin as a rail and could not STOP losing weight, but that was after seeing definite success with the "no white food" plan.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.