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Comment: it is more than philosophy

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it is more than philosophy

the const states congress can create no laws
the ones we send to speak for us cannot
create laws,as they are not lawmakers
but are our mouth pieces
the prez can not sign an EO that goes around the bill of rights or the const,or even or creator given rights
one can not be forced to do anything that goes against their personal beliefs,as that would violate their rules of conduct over themselves,and just might violate
the laws written on the books them reps swear to uphold
All laws that violate the written rules for the fed gov,are not laws,they are moot,and have no teeth,
and we as a nation have a moral obligation to disregard
them,and nullify them
the creator says you cannot serve 2 masters,either you serve one,or you serve the other,if anyone serves
the state,then this is their god,and not the creator


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