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Comment: May you be richly blessed

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May you be richly blessed

I rejected Christianity, long ago. Tossed out "the baby" with the bathwater. Over the years, what I call "Christ Consciousness" began to creep into my head. I do NOT think I am Jesus. I DO think we are all called to "follow me" as in, "try to do what I did."
I am no miracle worker, but I have devoted my life to testifying to the truth and teaching aquaponics so the poor may be well fed.
I still will not call myself "Christian." The churches have a history of their own, and I have never found a church that taught the "followers" to stop following and let the "Christ within" be their only leader.
So, I have Christians who tell me to my face that I CAN NOT be a moral person or a Patriot (yes, to my face by a speaker at an event that I helped put on...) And I have atheists who accuse me of believing in myths. I just don't care. My task in this world is to be the best me I can manage, and NO ONE on this earth is in a position to judge me, they cannot see my heart. They may judge my actions, but only my Creator is in a position to judge my soul.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.