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Comment: Definitely should be a longer video made.

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Definitely should be a longer video made.

To include the troops that marched in DC and the media that refused to cover it.
The delegates that were injured, arrested, made to suffer in non air-conditioned building in the Arizona heat.
All the rule breaking romney was allowed to do as far as going over-seas, picking a VP BEFORE being nominated. The subway subs. The NY GOP telling voters that Ron Paul had dropped out and was no longer in the race.
How in the ONLY transparent vote count that was read allowed, and not in secret - Ron Paul won that by a landslide in a heavily favored Gingrich district.
How it mysteriously took Nevada an entire day to count ballots that should have taken a couple of hours, and yet wound up with more votes than ballots cast(ballot stuffing).
Yeah, it'd be nice if everything was made into a nice 90 minute documentary.