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I've down voted your comment.

I've down voted your comment. You have natural rigts that were not granted by those morons, there for it'll not be taken away by them. Your letter is an equvalant of begging, Socialists/Tyrants don't really care. Your rights are not up for negotiations and your letters should state that. They are your servants, remind them of that. Remin them that as a itizen it is your duty to protect your feedoms and rights from foreign enemies and domestic, should they decide to encroach upon your rights, they will be treated as such. You're a parent, grow some balls and protect your kids future, unless you want to suffer the fait of the people that died in the concentratio camps of Russia, Germany, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and what ever other country that they have taken over prior and decimated anyone that have disagreed with them. THERE ARE NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH TYRANTS! When all else fails vote under Rule 308.