Comment: Yes, Rothschilds and their monopoly on money. Now what?

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Yes, Rothschilds and their monopoly on money. Now what?

Thnx so much for posting this! It's probably the main goal for many of us. Unfortunately, we don't have a mechanism to go down that path. Many here have come to this conclusion a while ago while others are just getting here now. That's wonderful to see but I fear that sans some next step, we'll lose people as they see the fight like a brick wall offering no weaknesses.

I'm seeing a quickly increasing number of people asking for "what next" or "what's the solution". I'm also seeing lots of solutions being proposed with very little response. Some are naive and miss key problems while others are more thought out. I have to wonder if it's not time for us to focus more of our attention on collaborating on finding the best and putting them to work. Perhaps there's a way that we could sections these off from the daily posts and track their support and progress?

I have personally proposed a number of ideas and they suffer from two distinct problems. They are either dismissed for lack of details or they are too detailed to read. Where's the compromise?

I've recently had some success (attention, not action yet) on a way to expose the MSM and I really hope to turn it into a group of action.

I've also proposed the following:
A way to bankrupt the banks and

A way to expose election problems and

And a way to balance the budget by eliminating income taxes

And a financial reform that's locally based in gold