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What gets me is that while

What gets me is that while these people were patting each others backs and congratulating for winning this years elections, not one of them thanked us for our efforts. WE were the ones walking the parades and hanging the signs and making the calls and working the victory center. It was us who did the recount that won our representative with a single vote. Those people don't do a damn thing. We won the elections...not them. Yet they took all the credit. And when we stepped up to challenge them...they shut us out.

Their people were on the nominating committee. They asked each candidate 5 gebaric questions all regarding if they qualify to run. At the convention, the nominating committee passed out their slate of who they recommend and read only the names of their people. We challenged it and won but the damage was already done. The purpose of the nominating committee is not to recommend's to vet those who are interested in running. They made it sound as if our slate was incompatant.