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Comment: The religion known as "Darwinism" is faith based

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The religion known as "Darwinism" is faith based

I consider Darwinism a religion because of the "missing link" between man and apes. Given this missing link, Darwinists must rely on faith to support their religious views.

Even Albert Einstein believed in a Creator/God. Personally, I believe it's more rational to beleive humans were created by God than to believe humans evolved from apes.

The founders believed humans are endowed by the Creator with immutable unalienable rights, and this belief is based on self evident truths. Tyrants prefer the Darwinist religion because it precludes the concept of unalienable rights and rationalizes brutal oppression.

For more on these ideas, check out the section "Constitutional Principles" in the pdf file titled "Knowledge is Power". Here's the link: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)