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Comment: Imagine Rove is Hitler.

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Imagine Rove is Hitler.

Rove is the 'architect' that convinced the media to shut us down. Rove is instrumental in shaping media bias and has declared war on us through Rubio.

If you asked Karl Rove who he feared the most, he would not admit it, but it is US.

You are politically active and work within your GOP. I am positive you can identify the people in the room that shape opinion. Rove has worked in the GOP since the Reagan days. We have worked within the GOP since 07. Rove has lost 2 national elections and is weak. Meanwhile, the Liberty movement continues to gain seats and support. We are the winning message and future of the party. Rove is our ENEMY. I can see no other challenger to our message with more influence on public, media and party opinion. If the grassroots unite against this asshole, we can win.

If I may make a suggestion, tell Karl Rove that he is enemy number #1 and the grassroots knows it. The midterm elections is where we can outperform Rove. The proof is in the Senate. Namely, Rand Paul.

Roves days are numbered. If we outperform him in the next election we can catapult Rand. So far, I am enjoying how this is playing out. Ron Paul is out of politics and Rand does not have the baggage of his father. Rand is taking credit for the Tea Party and stepping up as its leader. So far, the only thing that holds us back is bickering.

We have an opportunity and should exploit it.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul