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Comment: no, no...not what you think

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no, no...not what you think

Wow, please don't jump to such extreme conclusions! This is all about individual freedom. It has nothing to do with "rights of the masses" and everything to do with complete freedom of the individual. It is about completely UNDOING the system of government that has illegally usurped the Constitution. And it is done. It has been accomplished. You MIGHT want to really study up about what has already happened and is in effect!!!

This is what we have all be working for. To undo the bankers control. You may not have realized the mechanism, but this was it. Every country, city, court system, congress, governmental agency, etc. was filed as a corporation and run through the UCC. Corporations are PRIVATE and FOR-PROFIT. The foreclosures returned the ownership to the People through this trust.

Velveeta, I encourage you, instead of making inflammatory statements, listen to the above radio show and understand what this is about, and then make a statement based upon some understanding of what has actually happened. What do you think would happen after the FED is audited? The system comes down. THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS...only it is ALREADY THE CASE!