Comment: There are LOTS of documents

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There are LOTS of documents

There are the original documents filed with the UCC (all of this has been checked out now as there are literally thousands involved at this point.) Those documents filed at are so highly legalese and some old English legalese as well, that they are not even meant to be understandable except to the Powers that WERE. They were given as Notice and not used practically otherwise. This notification was a necessary part of the process.

Now because there are many people who are in the middle of foreclosures, student loans deficiencies, etc. the Trust also created (readable) legal documents that people could use in Court. There are a dozen or more of these documents. The people at the top of these corporations certainly know the score, the people in the middle who work for these corporations (including judges, policemen, etc) are still caught up in a belief system that has not yet unwound completely. So there is risk in taking on the system at a level that isn't in agreement. You will win some and lose some, and there are certainly people out there testing it right now. In reality, it isn't necessary to do that, as it was undone by the default status of the filings. But there are people who want to test it on their current issues rather than wait.

By far the most significant thing that needs to happen is to get the word out to people that they are free. Those working within the corporate system need to be educated, as they not aware. And many people are doing that right now. One of the Trustees will be at the Sheriff's Convention, for example. Everyone working on this is beyond excited. Something at last to put real effort in. And that is the main goal. The Trust has a document that comes as a "Courtsey Notice" to those individuals who must make decisions that now are illegal under the new system. And "illegal" isn't the right word, actually "personally responsible" is a better word. As under common law everyone is personally responsible for THEMSELVES (Velveeta are you listening) and must be educated that the old rules no longer apply.