Comment: I agree, actually :)

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I agree, actually :)

But neither is this Love: oh, you naughty child, you just smacked your brother on the head with your firetruck; but it's ok, come here and let me give you a big hug and let's go to the store and buy you some more toys.

If God = true Love, true Light as a metaphysical definition, then if you insist on shaking your fist at the Light and wandering away from it, you will find the outer darkness. True Love will not hide this reality from you.

I will differ with some of my fellow believers at this point. I believe that God NEVER gives up on anyone in the outer darkness, and will seek the most desparately lost sheep because His Love is unconditional. Others will say those are lost beyond hope. But I do read that Love 'never fails, always hopes' (I Cor 13).

Love will not sugarcoat and mask the reality that wandering away from that source of Love and Light will necessarily result in hate and darkness.