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Hi suzy4ron, you're doing great by spreading this. I had seen it post-Christmas and pre-New Year's but haven't spent any time on it since. Very fascinating, and apparently real.

From reading further today, I have learned that they released the information about the OPPT on Christmas Day, 2012-12-25. Something insightful just happened in my brain that I want to share with you. :)

"The end of the world" was supposed to be 2012-12-21, according to the Mayans and many others. It was also supposed to really be a transition, just as the Death card in Tarot doesn't mean someone will die, only that change is afoot.

From the movie "Zeitgeist" (the first one), I learned that the reason there were thousands of competing "sun-worshiping" religions when Christianity was new, all of which had "savior dies, 3 days later, savior is reborn on Dec. 25" is because the day is shortest on the 21st (the "death"), gets no longer for three days, and then on the 25th it starts getting longer, hence the "rebirth".

Combining these two, I see that 2012-12-21 was hyped to be the end, but was really a change; and in the ashes of the rebirth, we see freedom for all of humanity.

I love life. Thanks for being a part of mine.

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