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fishy, not sure what your backround is

but I am half a minority race. I can tell you right now, that 90%< of people that are not Caucasian are not going to go along with a guy who used to be the Grand Wizard of the KKK. I realize that DD may have changed his ways, but not everyone is going to trust that. Did we believe any of Mitt Romney's flip flops were genuine. Hell no we didn't. Regardless if DD has changed for the better, many if not most will not believe it. And the media will use this to their advantage. C'mon fishy you have more sense then this. It's completely illogical to think that someone with this back round is going to be taken seriously by the overly politically correct society we live in. That is just reality, not absolutism. Again I never once said I disagree with the points DD made. Do I think people should take the points made in the video seriously, well yes....But that is not what is likely to happen given the presenter. And I think deep down you know this. Look at the comments here on the DP, where there are many who agree with the points DD made in this video. There are a lot of people who agree that DD is not likely the guy that will get others to change their mind about zionists. So what do you think the result will be else where? Not to mention the zionists control the flow of information outside the internet.....