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Joe Kelley February 17, 2013 at 1:42 pm

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Washington sold out, and there is plenty of evidence proving that fact.
3 examples follow:

Jefferson I trust as a Benevolent Dictator; if such a thing can exist then there is a model of one.

Madison was a useful idiot for the Bankers at the time, but he later turned his coat back to Blue (Revolutionary Forces) when later realizing his error with The Constitution Usurpation, he joined forces with Jefferson to pen his part in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.

Hamilton was a stooge for the Central Bankers and that is well recorded, he was a Monarchist/Nationalist/Consolidated (despotic) government man.

Hitler was financed by Wall Street (Central/Monopoly/Bankers)

Stalin was financed by Wall Street (Central/Monopoly/Bankers)

Roosevelt too.

Amin, Lenin, Obama, same deal, financed by Wall Street paving their way.

Castro is a threat to the Central Bankers so an embargo still keeps that threat in check.

Note: If that web site "moderates" my comment down the memory hole, then I can trust the people on that site too.