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Comment: China's Unprecedented Military Buildup

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China's Unprecedented Military Buildup

America is running an annual 300 Billion trade deficit with Communist China. And this trade deficit is subsidizing China's military buildup. This is treason considering Iran and North Korea are client states of China and China is using them to threaten the United States. The video clips below are from a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. They're each about 2 minutes long and demonstrate that China is arming Iran with nuclear and chemical weapons.

Many US leaders refuse to tell the truth about China's gov't, i.e., it's a totalitarian Communist regime and is a State sponsor of terrorism. Chinese State owned companies control all major industries in China and are buying Trillions of dollars of assets around the world, including America. Last year, Chinese wives testified before Congress about the torture and imprisonment of their husbands who advocated for political reforms. You can find links to all this information at: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)