Comment: Man Created God.

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Man Created God.

Hey, as long as you brought up the subject, and put it in our face, then those of us who disagree with you have every right to challenge you on your mysticism.

None of us can say that you did or did not have a "conversation" with this god of yours, other than if this god does not exist, then you did not have a conversation. Rather, it was an internal dialogue, and one you would have never had if you weren't first influenced by others that such a thing were possible. If nobody had ever told you about Santa Claus, you would never dream up a conversation with The Jolly One on your own (because he does not exist).

All religions are very much alike because they are all based in astrology. Why did you choose this one over another one, such as Islam or Buddhism? Most likely, it was because other people influenced you to do so, and not because you objectively examined arguments in favor of and in opposition to other ideas and then arrived at your own conclusion.

If you really are in search of the truth, then I encourage you to examine the true origins of religion (astronomy and glorification of the Sun, which sustains life). I also encourage you to look objectively at how religion is used to control minds. Just start by looking at Islam, where people are the most controlled of any religion. The reason for that is because they never had the influence of the Age of Reason or the Enlightenment. There are no Thomas Jeffersons in Saudi history. Just dictators and mythical creatures.

While others, though they may have good intentions, will encourage you to continue down the path you are on, I encourage you to stop ... and take a look around ... and examine the premises of those who encourage religion ... and realize that religion is just an early attempt to explain the world around us, and then became a tool for control and oppression.

Good luck in your search for truth, if that is what you are REALLY after (though, I suspect your primary motive is conformity).

In any case, I will stand beside you in liberty, but there is no need to constantly bring religion into the discussion like so many in the liberty movement choose to do.