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Comment: History of Pope Benedict's protecion of pedophile priests

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History of Pope Benedict's protecion of pedophile priests
"In May 18, 2001 then-Cardinal JOSEPH RATZINGER, director of the office that oversees the catholic DOCTRINE (Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, formerly INQUISITION) at that time, sent an official Vatican letter to ALL CARDINALS, entitled "De Delictis Gravoribus" [Meaning: "On more serious crimes"].This document dealt with official Vatican procedures for all bishops to follow in dealing with clerical sex abuse cases.
As a footnote, he indicated: TOP SECRET 1962 Vatican Document,"Crimens Sollicitiationis"
According to Ratzinger's letter, the roles "of judge, promoter of justice, notary and legal representative can validly be performed for these cases only by priests." In other words, criminals investigating criminals.

In 2005, Joseph Ratzinger - the current "Pope", was accused of OBSTRUCTING THE LAW to cover-up the sexual abuse of 3 minors in the Court of Houston, Texas because the Official letter he sent in 2001 implies that all reports, documents, etc. on sexual abuses must be sent to the Vatican and dealt with internally. That's the Official Vatican procedure. (Priest reports to bishop, bishop reports to Cardinal, Cardinal reports to Vatican Ambassador [Nuncio] and Nuncio to the Pope)

So, what ever happened to abiding by the local country's laws? Why when it comes to priests aren't the local authorities part?

Later, in 2005 Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope and asked then-President George W. Bush for immunity against the legal suit in Houston, now that he became President of the country known as "The Holy See (Vatican)". Immunity was granted.

So, in regards to the Los Angeles Catholic Church scandal that surfaced this month, the bottom line is: Why aren't The Vatican's embassies in the U.S. being shut down? How come USA is still "Friends" with The Holy See when it's President, Pope Benedict XVI, promotes laws in which child abusive priests are to be protected?"