Comment: Ah, yes ... that old 6% dividend thang ...

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Ah, yes ... that old 6% dividend thang ...

... and the "profits" are "returned to the US Treasury" ... making it all legit, eh?

That's what we are told, of course, to make it sound legit.

But ...

Anyone familiar with accounting knows that "profit" and "dividends" is what comes AFTER all expenses.

And ...

Just what ARE those expenses?

It is rumored that the Fed has a fleet of private jets, priceless artwork in the board rooms, and much more.

We have no idea what those EXPENSES are ... "consulting fees" to this or that company ... "donations" to this or that charitable organization ... "funding" for this or that university research department?

Everyone who talks about auditing the Federal Reserve seems to focus on who they lent money to. But I'd be willing to bet that the REAL reason the FR never wants to be audited is because all that money has gone into the pockets of the owners/connected people .. as EXPENSES.

Only AFTER untold expenses are deducted is there a 6% dividend and payment to US Treasury.

What are those EXPENSES???

IMO ... the EXPENSES that the Federal Reserve is able to make IN COMPLETE PRIVACY ... is the ENTIRE PURPOSE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE IN THE FIRST PLACE ... that, and creation/velocity of money enjoyed by the member banks and the entities near the inner circle.