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The True Meaning of Liberty

The individual who just recieved Christ seems confused about the meaning of liberty. He says we cannot judge or punish any man, even a murderer, because we have no jurisdiction over any man. What he's describing sounds like anarchy and the apostle Paul said, God forbid that grace is used so that sin may abound. Grace does not mean the absence of law or judgement. Grace means we cannot condemn the soul of another without being condemned ourselves. Judging a murderer's act as a violation of law and punishing him with a prison sentence is not the same as condemning his soul.

Christ is the head of the Body of Christ and we are the hands, feet, mouth, etc., so we are called to apply the law with compassion. But only God knows what is in someone's heart so only He can judge our eternal soul. For more on this subject check out the following comments: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)